I have always had a love of photography. Originally it was seeing other peoples photos especially documentary photography in magazines and National Geographic. I always enjoyed taking photos but my serious interest grew from 2005 when I bought my first digital camera. I was lucky to have encouragement and learnt from friends who were serious or professional photographers. I also met some very kind people who gave me their time and allowed my amazing access to some amazing subjects and locations.

From a small digital compact I moved onto a DSLR. Flickr was the first place I put my photos online. I made many contacts there who are now good friends as well as fellow photographers. I set up this website to act as a portfolio and as a way of allowing people to get in contact.

I sell my photos through this site and through the U.K. Stock Photo Library Alamy. I mainly shoot editorial photography but occasionally news. My favoured subjects are Architecture, Landscape and Wildlife. I particularly love rural Great Britain. Historic churches are a recurring theme in my work.